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About Us

Sassy Tees is a lifestyle brand about expressing your politics, your cultural identity and pop culture. Celebrating our achievements and the achievements of those who have come before us.

Our first collection consisted of 5 unique tees and head wraps, we have since added tote bags, phones cases, mugs, pillow cases.

Whilst clothing alone, can not be a substitute for political and empowering work, it is a great way to make a bold political statement, to represent and start conversations.

Life is inherently political, so we do not shy away from taking positions on issues. We want political thought to be accessible to everyone, especially those from historically oppressed groups.

We have worked with lots of different community based organisations such as Kilombo UK, Afrokanist Magazine, NUS Women’s Campaign, NUS Black Students’ Campaign, No Fly on The WALL & TRiBE.​

We have been featured on Shades of Noir and Buzzfeed.