About Us

Sassy Tees is a brand dedicated to honouring the struggle for freedom, peace and justice, against racism and colonial struggle.


We are inspired by the people who have lead and contributed to political struggle.

We are also inspired by music and popular culture of which Black people have contributed immensely.

We started with custom tees as a way to express ones politics and or identity.

However we have since added tote bags and other forms of clothing to the collection.

Most notably our wax print head wraps.

Whilst clothing alone is not a substitute for the work, it is a great way to celebrate and make a bold political statement, to represent and start conversations.

We understand how popular culture and politics has a huge impact and influences our lives. We want to bring these two things together with the hope of engaging new people in political action.

We work with other community based organisations such as Kilombo UK, Afrocanist Magazine, No Fly on The WALL & TRiBE.​